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Fetch helps you ensure guest satisfaction, before it's too late. Automatically survey guests during their stay, in just 1-tap, and alert staff in real-time of recovery opportunities. Happier guests, better reviews, more bookings.

Find. Track. Fix. Repeat.

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The TownInn’s Secret Weapon
The TownInn’s Secret Weapon.
"My staff can find and fix problems, before a guest leaves unhappy and takes their experience online for the world to see. Actionable insights when we need them most. Fetch's 1-tap surveys are the only engagement our guests will answer. They get the results needed to be a reliable piece of our operations--not just another survey."
Daniel Seifer
Operations & Revenue Manager
Town Inn Suites, Toronto

Our Approach To Recovery.

Identify Opportunities
Find on-site recovery opportunities by proactively surveying your guests during their stay. That way you can recover before they checkout and their experience was spoiled. Our 1-tap surveys will find 20x more opportunities.
Identify Opportunities
Facilitate Recovery
Tell the right staff, about the right guests, at the right time. Real-time alerts when a guest needs attention, and a ticket management dashboard to help recover and track issues until they’re resolved. In-app two-way messaging lets staff collaborate and communicate with guests to ensure the right solution, every time.
Identify Opportunities
Learn & Improve
Analytics dashboard to help track guest satisfaction, staff performance, recovery speeds, and sentiment analysis into guest comments using IBM Watson's machine learning.
Identify Opportunities

Industry Leading Results.

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Powering Hotels Around The World.

Tenaya Lodge
Yosemite, USA
The Chelsea
Toronto, Canada
The Crane
Saint Philip, Barbados