One place for every case.

With everything you need to solve them.

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Your One Stop Shop.
Everything your team needs to deliver amazing service and put smiles on faces. Track and resolve every opportunity, reactive and proactive, in one digital hub. Accessible 24/7 from any device.
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Real-time Alerts.
Make sure the right staff know about the right opportunities at the right time, via email and/or SMS. Alerts directly to their devices for important events, tags/mentions, and reminders.
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Flexible Recovery Options.
Every case, guest, and staff are different. Fetch provides the flexibility to work through cases in different ways, helping achieve the best resolution every time. All from inside the web app.
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Full Conversations.
Have full conversations with your guests, with all responses coming back into Fetch. The best practices are countless: responding to low ratings, room ready alerts, DND sign, checkout reminders, and many more!
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Digital Shift Reports.
The days of Post It notes and Word Docs are over. Create digital shift reports that are automatically formatted and emailed to all the right people. Digitally archived to view at any time.
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Full Transparency.
Every action on a case is reported and viewable at any time. Now you have full transparency via permanent digital record. Always know who did what and when!
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